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Keith Parker

Keith Parker

Role: Evangelist Minister

For 16 year Keith Parker preached as the pulpit minister for Hendersonville Church of Christ.  After many prayers and thoughtful consideration, he decided to follow the footsteps of God and spread the good news throughout the world. 

He is now a full-time evangelist traveling mainly throughout the United States preaching for gospel meetings, youth rallies, retreats, intrum ministries, and door-knocking campaigns.  He also has done inspirational speaking for football and basketball teams.  In 2009 he spoke for 52 congregations and in 2010, 49 congregations.

His beautiful and hospitable wife Sandra and their handicapped and loving son Pete travel together whenever the Lord calls.  Keith and Sandra also have two daughters.  Ashley, the oldest of the two, is married to Andy Frizzell.  Together they work and serve in Fresno, California, with the Woodward Park Church of Christ.  Jessica, the youngest of all of the children, is married to Nathan McVeigh.  Currently they are in Denver, Colorado, at the the Bear Valley Church of Christ.  Bear Valley hosts a school of preaching that they are attending in order to prepare themselves for mission work.

If you are interested in having Keith Parker preach or speak for your congregation, please contact the Hendersonville Church of Christ office at 824-6622 and ask about his upcoming schedule.

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